Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Heat's On is running three ads featuring retired generals, two of whom served in Iraq. You don't get to be a general officer by being an anti-American defeatist, so I'm waiting to see how Dick Cheney and his mindless army of Christo-fascists are going to smear these guys. Watch the ad if you haven't already.

Now we learn the Iraqi Parliament will take a two month summer vacation. The parliament has the power to effect national reconciliation, and every day of their existence is bought with the valor and blood of our troops. It's clear they either do not want or do not appreciate this sacrifice. Either way, if we don't take the hint and leave them to sort this mess out on their own, we're the suckers.

11 Repubs have a "candid" meeting with GW. Bipartisan bills introducing "benchmarks." All I know is that surging=more death. Once more unto the breach...I predict the endgame's beginning late this summer.

I bitch about finals while former comrades in arms are stuck for the second time in the worst place to be in the world. And it's almost summer - when all the air-conditionless, electricity-deprived Iraqis go apeshit. But the two-timers I know all re-enlisted, and wouldn't want you to feel too sorry for them. This dude, however, is about to go back for the second time, under stop-loss. I went once under stop-loss, but to be forced back for a second tour of combat is pretty fubar. Hopefully it won't be too long before they can all come home and enjoy the peacetime military life again. And eventually the civilian.

Speaking of a civilian: instead of "Free Paris!" or "Jail Paris!" how about "Enlist Paris!" This girl obviously needs some discipline, and Islamo-fascists love a loose, blond babe - maybe she could distract them while we head to the door with the loot.

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