Thursday, May 17, 2007

Put your money where your mouth is

For all his faults, props to Sen. McCain for being the only GOP front-runner to universally condemn torture (aka "enhanced interrogation") during the most recent debate. Man of faith Mitt Romney, on the other hand, said he'd like to double the size of Guantanamo, and Rudy G. can't wait to give Agent Jack Bauer the green light.

It irks me to listen to these blow-hard posers. While Romney was out proselytizing on behalf of his "religion" and getting a draft deferment to do so, McCain was actually being tortured in North Vietnam. And let's not forget that America's Baby-boomer Mayor also opted out of his generation's war with a deferment. Mitt and Rudy like to talk tough about defending America, valor, and sacrifice, but when it was their turn to step up, they chose not to. Meanwhile, the one candidate who has been tortured says it's not such a good idea.

Since they haven't yet popped their cherries, all GOP candidates who have endorsed "enhanced interrogation" should participate in the same - televised, hopefully, so voters can see firsthand how hard they are. I can't wait to see Mike Huckabee beating a 'raqi goat-herder to the brink of organ failure, or Duncan Hunter showing off his skills by water-boarding Ron Paul. It'll be ratings dynamite for FOX, moderated by Brit Hume. Republicans - don't just tell us how you'll torture our enemies, show us.

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